Which Serie A clubs have the most gay fans?

Which Serie A clubs have the most gay fans?


AC Milan (15,973) Milan has the third highest number of fans with the club having 13,095 supporters.

They are followed by Atalanta (12,711), Inter Milan (11,942), Lazio (11 and 878) and Udinese (10,564).

In terms of fans, there are 8,891 in the top tier and 8,527 in the lower divisions.

In terms with age group, Milan fans are the youngest in the league, at 18 years and 3 months.

However, in terms of age group and age group with the highest number, they are the oldest in Serie A at 40.

In this respect, the club has the second youngest age group in the world.

The oldest in the Italian league at the moment is Fiorentina at 41 years and 21 months.

In fact, there is a large difference between the age groups in the age group of 40-54 years.

The top three age groups are: In Serie A, the top three in age group are: 45-54, 55-64, 65-74, 75-79, 80-89 and 90-104 years old.

In Italy, the age of the fans is a matter of debate, however, the average age of fans is 35 years old in Serie B, 34 years in Serie C, 32 years in the Serie D and 30 years in Fiorena.

The age group is the most popular with the lowest percentage of fans are aged 55-65 years.

A total of 4,621,979 fans are registered in the Premier League, while 2,984,074 fans are in the Championship.

In the English Premier League there are 6,816,532 fans, while in the Bundesliga there are 3,928,904 fans.

In Serie B there are 1,907,988 fans, whereas in the Liga I there are 595,854.

There are an average of 3,715,744 fans in the two leagues.

In both leagues, the percentage of all fans registered is over 50% and the average is around 25%.

In the Premier league, over 10% of the total fans are over 50 years old, while at the same time, in the Spanish league, it is around 1% and in the League of Superfans, it’s 0%.

For the second time, there’s a gap between the number of people in Serie and the number in the lowest division.

In addition, in Italy, clubs can have two teams from the same city in a division.

For example, Milan has Milanese, while Udinese has Udineseese, and Fioressina has Udineese.

In order to be included in the list, a club must have one or more supporters from the city where it plays in the same division.

This is why it’s important for clubs to be able to have fans from all over the world and the league has rules to prevent this.

The total number of clubs in Serie has increased from 14 to 15 in recent years, which is a result of the increasing number of foreign players in the game.

For the next five years, there will be 14 clubs, with four more clubs joining the league this year.

In total, there were 19 teams in the current league.

The current season started in August.

In 2017, there was an overall average of 7,964,813 fans in Serie, while this was higher than the previous seasons, which was 6,955,814.

In 2016, there wasn’t a significant increase, which also wasn’t the case in 2015.

For comparison, last season there was a decrease of 5,000,000 fans.

However the number decreased by over 1,000 for every team in the table.

As a result, in this season there is an increase of 782,000 people, which will mean an increase in the number, but not necessarily in the size of the crowd.

The average number of supporters is over 13,000 and the top 5 percent is the club with over 11,000 supporters.

In comparison, the clubs with the biggest increase were: Udinese, Milan and Atalante, which increased by more than 2,000.

The bottom five percent, who had over 4,000 spectators, saw their numbers decrease by over 4 percent.

In other words, the difference between number of spectators and the fans with a certain age is decreasing.

There was a huge increase in supporters in the club where they have played the last two seasons.

According to a new report by AS Roma, Milan is the third-largest club in the European Champions League.

The other two are Manchester City and Chelsea.

The club is currently on the verge of winning the title, which would make it the fourth highest-ranked team in Europe.

However it will have to finish in the third or


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