Which countries spend the most on free advertising?

Which countries spend the most on free advertising?

The U.S. has been the biggest spender on military advertising since its inception in the 1970s, according to new research from market research firm GfK.

The study, published online Monday, estimates that the U.K. has spent more than $3 billion on military and intelligence advertising since the country joined NATO in 1949, and more than twice as much as the next country.

France, the United States and Germany have all paid for the largest share of military advertising in recent years.

Germany spends about 15 percent of its GDP on military spending.

The U.”s $3.1 billion spending on military marketing is almost twice the $1.7 billion spent on all other types of advertising in the EU, the study said.

GfK’s research also found that China and the United Arab Emirates spent more on military ads than the U., but the U’s spending was more than double the Chinese’s.

The U.k. has also spent more money on military related media than the EU’s.

The study estimated that the government has spent $3bn on military content in the last decade, but only spent about $600 million on media for its military.

The report said the military’s spending on advertising was likely to increase in the future as governments seek to diversify their media advertising portfolios, with the United Kingdom’s military spending expected to increase further as a result of the Brexit vote.