When free market advertisers get ‘free market ad’ label

When free market advertisers get ‘free market ad’ label

India’s government is making it harder for free market ad networks to advertise to consumers via its social media platforms.

The move follows a government order that requires all advertising networks to adhere to strict guidelines on how they advertise their products, such as how to avoid any bias or bias-related advertising.

The move came after social media networks were accused of offering ads that targeted specific segments of the population.

The guidelines require all ad networks, including free market and paid ones, to have a clear and explicit disclaimer about their product or service, as well as how their products or services are intended to promote or advertise a specific group.

They also require that they have clear guidelines for how their ads can be edited and that they provide clear information about the types of content they offer.

According to the government, free market groups, which have no official affiliation with the government or any other organisation, are in breach of the guidelines if they advertise without disclosing their intent.

They are also violating the guidelines for their advertisements, the government said in a statement.

Free market advertising is considered a form of free speech, but it has also faced criticism for the way in which it is done.

A free market is a person or organisation that has an objective to promote the welfare of its members and to provide a platform for free speech.

The government said that free market ads that target a specific segment of the Indian population are illegal and must be blocked.

“Such ad networks are breaking the law and should be immediately shut down.

Advertisers will be held accountable for their actions,” the statement said.

The government has also asked all social media users to delete any content that includes hate speech and hate speech-related content, including “inappropriate content” and the use of language that is “intolerant or abusive”.

The government said the social media rules were being applied to all groups and not just groups that use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others.

“The new rules also apply to content that is targeted at particular sections of the public,” the government statement said, but did not specify what these sections were.

The new guidelines will be implemented from September this year and will cover all platforms that offer free-market advertising.

This means that the social-media platforms have to have policies and procedures to handle hate speech on their platforms.

This includes removing hate speech, abusive content and inappropriate content.

The social-network giants have been struggling with the backlash against their ads, which critics said targeted specific groups.

Some people who had their social-security number posted on the sites were not given any option to opt out, according to The Times of India.

The ruling is not the first time the government has stepped in to curb the free market.

Earlier this year, the Modi government banned social media and other online platforms that host hate speech.

This move has also led to complaints from activists.

The ban on the social network platforms was a response to the growing popularity of hate speech in India, which has seen over two million people killed in a spate of attacks on Hindu temples and other religious sites.


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