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The most expensive hotel in the world

The most expensive hotel in the world

It’s been said that a room is worth a thousand words.

It’s not always true.

A hotel can be worth so much more than that, and its worth much more.

Here’s a list of the top five most expensive hotels in the United States.1.

Hyatt Regency New York City, $2,958,849.

The hotel is located on the ground floor of the historic Waldorf Astoria, the tallest building in New York.

The tower, designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, rises more than 500 feet.

The top floor is the only hotel in New England, and is the most expensive.

The New York Times describes it as a “semi-luxury luxury hotel.”

The hotel, which has an impressive history dating back to World War II, is in the city’s Financial District, which is famous for its trendy boutiques and restaurants.

It also has a collection of antique, art and historic furniture, including a 19th century marble and bronze bust of Queen Victoria.

It was listed as one of the “most desirable places to live” by Forbes magazine in 2014.2.

Hilton Head Island, $1,999,999.

The Hilton Head resort in Charleston, South Carolina, is one of South Carolina’s most popular destinations.

Located on the island of Charleston, it was built in 1924 and boasts a spectacular beachfront that overlooks the ocean.

The resort is owned by the state of South Carolinians.

The owners have invested a great deal of time, money and resources to build a luxurious resort.

They also include a luxury spa, golf course, restaurant and swimming pool.

It has a capacity of 1,500 guests per night.3.

Hygienic Hyatt International, $3,000,000.

Hygueneic is the official name for the resort.

The Hygian Hotel, the highest in the resort chain, has a luxurious and historic atmosphere.

It features a spa, bar, restaurants and a shopping mall, all designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry.

The Hotel’s mainstay is its indoor pool, which was the inspiration for the hotel’s name.

Hygiene and sanitary standards have been the highest of any luxury hotel in recent years.

Hygo Hotel, which opened in 2002, has become the country’s most expensive luxury hotel, with a bill of $4.3 million.4.

Sheraton New York, $6,000) The hotel at 4 East 54th Street is located in Manhattan, a major commercial hub.

Its main feature is the 4-star Sheraton Hotel, a luxury hotel on the East Side of Manhattan, which sits on a corner in midtown Manhattan.

The luxury hotel has a 4,000-square-foot rooftop terrace, with an indoor swimming pool, restaurant, and bar.

It boasts the highest service rate in the New York area.

It is the fourth-most expensive hotel for a family of four in the country, with the average price at $6.5 million.5.

Marriott Marquis, $9,900) The Marriotts are the most luxurious hotels in New Orleans, and they have the third-highest service rates in the state.

The Mariottis, also known as the French Quarter, are the largest hotel chain in the U.S., with nearly 25,000 rooms.

The hotels include the Marriot, a 6,000 square-foot indoor pool with a spa and spa shower, a pool deck, and a hot tub.

The rooms have a combined service rate of $5.6 million, which ranks it third in the top 10 most expensive New York hotels in 2017.6.

Sherry-Williams Hotel, $8,000+7.

Hy-Vee Sheraton, $7,0008.

Four Seasons Resort at The Grove, $5,4009.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel, South Point, $4,70010.

Hyatts Crest Inn, $30,0001.

The Waldorf Hotel, New York $2.9 million2.

Hyunsuk Westin, $950,0003.

Marriott Grand Hyatt, New Orleans $6 million4.

Hilton Grand Hyatts, New Jersey $3 million5.

Sherrard, Houston, $400,0006.

Marriott Inn at Hyatt Plaza, Orlando, Florida $3.5m7.

Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada $2 million8.

The Residences at Westin Montparnasse, New Yorks $1.2 million9.

The Plaza Hotel, Montreal, Canada ($1.1 million)10.

The Sheraton Resort and Spa, Chicago, Illinois $1 million