Free Adwords Template: How to Use Google Adwords free adwords template

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Why we need to give away our data

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How to make money from Spanish-language ad campaigns

In the United States, a Spanish-speaking publisher could pay an advertiser a minimum of $5,000 to $20,000 for each advert that reaches Spanish-speakers.But in Spain, the practice is not widely tolerated. If a publisher pays an advertisor, they’re obligated to report that payment to the Spanish regulator, the Office of Public Auditors, which is responsible for regulating all Spanish- and Portuguese-language […]

Trump’s $6 billion infrastructure plan may not have the money to pay for it

President Donald Trump’s administration is mulling a plan to use money from the federal government’s $600 billion infrastructure bank to pay the bills of private contractors who have built or are building roads, bridges, airports, railways and other infrastructure.The plan is being discussed by the president’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn and the secretary of commerce, Wilbur Ross.The proposals come […]