How to write a free advertisement

Free advertising has been a big topic of conversation since the dawn of social media.┬áThere are many different ways you can get your message out, from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to blogs and podcasts.But when it comes to free advertising, it’s hard to pick one.The best way to promote yourself is to do the same thing over […]

What to watch for as China’s economy grows

A new report from global investment firm Fathom, which focuses on Chinese companies, says China is the fastest-growing consumer economy in the world and is on track to surpass Japan’s economy in 2020.But the report also highlights how much work remains to be done for China to become the global leader in consumer demand.The report, “The China Consumer: The Next […]

What’s the difference between Instagram and Instagram Ads?

The world’s most popular photo sharing service is currently in the midst of a controversial advertising campaign to promote its new free car ads.As of Monday, Instagram will be using the hashtag “Free Car Ad” in its advertisements for cars, which will appear alongside the company’s own ads.Instagram’s Free Car Ad campaign will launch with a 30-second spot on Tuesday, […]