How to stop the free-market takeover of the world’s news

By Mark Schiefelbein and John SiftonThe American ConservativeThe American ConservativesThe American ConstitutionThe American RevolutionThe Founding FathersThe Founding Act of IndependenceThe Constitution of the United StatesThe Constitution Amendments of the Bill of RightsThe Bill of rightsThe Bill’s first amendmentThe First AmendmentThe Bill Clinton-era rule of lawThe Bush-era law of warThe Patriot ActThe National Security AgencyThe Patriot PapersThe Supreme CourtThe Supreme court […]

How to use the free advertisement tool in a browser

A quick glance at the free advertising tool will tell you how to use it.It’s a tool that allows websites to sell advertising without any user interaction, but it’s not without a learning curve.First, though, you need to install it.To get started, head to the following link.It’ll take you to the Google Chrome site where you can set up an […]

How to get your tech company’s advertising revenue back

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Google and Facebook are on the verge of paying back a $300 million investment they made in the advertising business.The investment comes after Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced last year that the search giant would be giving away ads from its Android operating system to publishers.Google’s investment in ad sales is part of […]

What You Should Know About the Free Ads in Google News

I had never heard of free advertising in Google, but now I do.It turns out the Google News service is a pretty nifty way to promote your own news and other Google services.In fact, free advertising has been a way to boost Google’s reputation for its user-generated content for some time now.Google News and its accompanying ad-free features are now […]