How to find free online ads

Find free advertising online for your products and services.It’s easy to find advertising for your business and your products.Here’s how.1.Go to a local ad agency or online store.Ads can be found online, but many local advertising agencies don’t take ads.They’ll take a fee to post your ad.Some local ad agencies charge a fee for placement.2.Choose an image.You can choose an […]

Cincinnatians get a free trial of Cincinnatus free ads

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Who cares?It’s free advertising.”Well, this year, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Cincinnati Public Library will be giving out free ads for Cincinnatis’ next-door neighbor, Cincinnati.The Cincinnati Public Libraries is launching a new ad campaign on the library’s website this weekend to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season.It’s called “Christmas in Cincinnati.”The Cincinnati Public library’s new […]

Which health care system offers the best value?

Health care costs have risen dramatically over the last several years and there is some evidence that spending can be cut.Health care spending is a key determinant of the quality of health care delivery in Canada.In this article, we examine which health care systems offer the best price for consumers.The study looked at six types of health services: physician services, […]

The best free advertising for web browsers

TechCrunch’s free advertising guide to the web.Read moreRead moreWe were able to track down a handful of these advertisers, but the best of the lot were those who made an effort to make sure that their ads worked well for their target audiences.Here are a few examples:Amazon and its Kindle e-reader, which makes the Kindle Paperwhite a $129 purchase, offer […]