Online shoppers who’ve had it with the free advertising that comes with their new iPhones are calling for an end to the ‘freemium’ model

Online shoppers who’ve had it with the free advertising that comes with their new iPhones are calling for an end to the ‘freemium’ model

Online shoppers are being urged to boycott free eCommerce ads because they’re causing them problems.

Key points:Free eCommerce advertising, which lets you buy goods for a price and charge for them, is a popular feature of online shopping, but many shoppers are unhappy with the prices they payFor most Australians, free eCars offer cheaper car insurance and car repairs than paying more for a brand-new carThe Australian Taxation Office says the cost of free e commerce ads on mobile devices is now $1.15 per transaction, but a new study says it’s up to up to $2.15Per-app free ad is a big hit for many online shoppers, but some are now demanding a change in how eCommerce advertisers operate.

According to research from Deloitte, more than one in four Australians who buy online on a smartphone are using ad blockers.

This is not only a huge pain for them when they go out to buy, but it’s also hurting the advertising industry as more consumers switch to mobile phones for the free adverts, rather than the expensive premium mobile phone plans.

While the numbers are small, the study found about two-thirds of people using ad blocker programs were switching to mobile apps because of the free ads.

The ad blockers, like Adblock Plus, are used by about two million Australians and cost $49.95 per year, but they can cost more than $80 per year to buy and manage.

So what is the solution?

Adblock Plus is a free browser extension that lets you block unwanted ads from pop-up, pop-unders, and other types of ads.

AdblockPlus can block more than 1,200 different ad types and it will take just a few seconds to find the one you’re interested in.

It’s not the only option, but Deloise says AdblockPlus is the best for people who use Adblock, and is also free to use.

If you’re looking to buy something online and you want it to be available for free, you can also find a cheaper alternative, like Ebay or Gumtree, for more than half of the cost.


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