How to watch free robox advertisements on FreeRox

How to watch free robox advertisements on FreeRox

FreeRx has been making headlines lately with an ad campaign to raise money for the charity Save The Children.

The ad campaign has attracted the attention of the Federal Court and was criticised by Save the Children’s chief executive, Paul Kennedy.

The group’s chief legal officer, Richard Stokes, said FreeRX was a “clear violation of the law”.

“It’s clear that FreeRax is using free advertising network ads to make money and is therefore breaking the law,” he said.

“It violates the laws on adverts for free advertising and the right to free speech.”

We’re appealing the court’s decision and urge the Federal Government to bring it to a halt.

“Mr Stokes said FreeRTX was “clearly illegal and it is costing children’s lives and depriving them of the right of fair compensation”.”

FreeRTX is clearly undermining children’s welfare by offering free ads that are being promoted to children as a ‘joke’ and as an excuse to engage in bullying and harassment,” he added.

The Federal Court’s ruling will be read out later today.