How to stop free advertising in Singapore’s most popular social media sites

How to stop free advertising in Singapore’s most popular social media sites

A new piece of free advertising software called Facebook Ads Free will take over Singapore’s social media platforms, with users seeing ads for free and paying for them in return.

The software, which launched in May, aims to eliminate advertisements from its platforms in the country, as well as its main competitor, Facebook.

“We are proud to be Singapore’s largest ad network, and we are excited to be working together with Facebook to make the country the #1 place for advertisers to reach their audience,” Facebook said in a statement on Monday.

The company said that it will allow users to opt-out of Facebook Ads free if they choose to.

“The free option will be available to Singaporeans who want to be able to opt out of Facebook ads, but they can do so by simply visiting their account settings page,” the statement read.

“Users can opt-in to Facebook ads if they want to, and will continue to receive the ads until they opt out.”

Singapore has become a target for ad blockers in recent years, with some platforms refusing to allow users from the country to opt in.

Facebook has faced similar criticism, and some analysts believe that Facebook’s decision to allow Facebook Ads for Singapore is a way for the social media giant to cut its reliance on the country’s advertising revenue.

According to Forbes, Singapore has been the second most lucrative country in the world for advertisers in 2017.

It is the most lucrative in the region for advertisers with an estimated $14 billion, with revenue of $6.6 billion, according to the research firm.