How to get started on Google’s new mockup advertising program

How to get started on Google’s new mockup advertising program

Google is expanding its advertising preview program to help companies show off their new mockups to potential advertisers.

Starting Wednesday, advertisers can sign up for a free preview of their ads on Google Ads by visiting the Google Ads preview page.

There, they’ll be able to set their own terms and conditions for using Google Ads. 

This is a step towards Google’s efforts to improve its ads on its own platforms.

Google has been experimenting with a variety of advertising formats, including mockups and real photos, but has been slow to adopt them on the Google Play Store.

Google’s preview program is an attempt to make Google Ads more useful for developers. 

“For developers, we wanted to give them more options for what they can do with their apps,” Google Ads product manager Brian O’Neill said in a blog post.

“We’ve been working with partners like Facebook and Google on this for a while and hope this gives them a better way to deliver ads in a more effective way.

We want to give developers the tools they need to make apps even better, and Google has always been there to help.”

This preview allows developers to try out new mock-ups for advertising and see what kinds of ads they can deliver in real time.

This is an exciting step for developers, and one that we hope will lead to a much more consistent, relevant and more useful experience across all our Google services.

“Google is currently testing the preview on Android and iOS apps in the US.

Google is also testing its ads preview on Windows Phone, as well as on Mac OS X and Ubuntu.