How much money does Donald Trump have on hand? – Axios

How much money does Donald Trump have on hand? – Axios

President Donald Trump’s financial records show a whopping $916 million worth of income.

The $916m figure, which is just under $1 million per year, is far more than the income Trump reported in his most recent tax return.

But it is just one of many figures in Trump’s tax return that could change under new Senate rules.

“This number does not include any benefits he may receive from the Affordable Care Act, which he did not receive prior to his election,” a Senate Democratic aide said.

“It does not even include Trump’s own campaign contributions.

It does not account for any deductions that he may have made, such as charitable contributions, deductions for medical expenses, and so on.”

Senate Republicans and Democrats are pushing to change the Senate’s tax code to remove those breaks for Trump.

A change that could occur in a new Senate bill that the House is expected to pass in the coming weeks is that it would make all the tax breaks Trump has received conditional on being elected, meaning he would still get some of the money he gets.

But he would not get all of it.

This could change the amount of money Trump receives.

A source close to Trump told Axios that it is likely Trump would receive a tax break worth up to $3.5 million.

That’s $4 million less than the $9.3 million that Trump reported last year.

The source did not specify which kind of tax break he’s talking about.

However, it’s possible that the Senate tax bill could reduce the amount Trump gets under the Senate plan.

The tax bill is expected by lawmakers to cut taxes for many Americans, but it does not do so for Trump or his businesses.

Senate Democrats want to include a $2.5 trillion cut in the bill to make up for the Senate Democrats’ inability to pass a comprehensive tax overhaul this year.

But the Republican majority in the Senate does not support that, and the Senate is not expected to vote on the bill before the end of the year.

Trump’s financial disclosures were first made public on June 30.

He also made a $916,000 payment to his then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort during the 2016 election cycle, but those payments were not included in his tax return last year, which was filed late in the year and could have impacted the $916million figure.

Democrats have said that the tax code should be a referendum on Trump.

Trump is expected in 2019 to take the oath of office.


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