Google Ads is taking over the mobile search market

Google Ads is taking over the mobile search market

Reuters Google (GOOGL) has started taking over search market share from Yahoo, Amazon and Bing, according to research from iMarkets, which tracks the world’s search market.

The move follows the acquisition of mobile search engine Yoast (YO), which had previously been owned by Yahoo.

Yahoo, which was once a rival to Google, is now the biggest mobile search player with nearly 70% of the market.

Bing and Yahoo are owned by Microsoft (MSFT) and Facebook, respectively.

“Google has taken over the search market, and we see that as a good thing,” iMarket’s research chief Neil Mawston told Reuters.

“We are seeing more companies investing in search now and we believe that will continue.”

The move comes after the US Department of Commerce, in July, ruled that Yahoo was in breach of its obligations under the Fair Search and Technology Act of 1998, which requires search engines to treat web pages equally.

In the same year, the US Congress passed the Communications Act, which has made it easier for internet companies to acquire companies like Google, Amazon (AMZN) and Bing.