#DNC is suing the #HillaryClinton campaign for $50 million over #ClintonLeaks

#DNC is suing the #HillaryClinton campaign for $50 million over #ClintonLeaks

The DNC has sued the Hillary Clinton campaign for over $50,000,000 in the first case of its kind.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday, accuses the Hillary Victory Fund, the Hillary for America super PAC and several other entities of violating campaign finance laws by accepting money from a number of entities and funneling it to a single campaign.

The complaint also accuses the DNC and Hillary for Americans of using a single website to host campaign ads and “knowingly failing to ensure that each of these entities had adequate disclosure requirements in place.”

In the first lawsuit, which was filed in the Eastern District of Virginia, the DNC alleges that the Hillary Campaign failed to disclose that it had received $1.2 million from the Hillary For America super-PAC during the same time period.

The DNC alleges, among other things, that the campaign’s disclosure requirements for the super-pac were violated.

The campaign, however, has rejected the allegations.

“The DNC is aware of numerous allegations in the lawsuit that the [Hillary Victory Fund] violated campaign finance law, and we have vigorously defended ourselves against them,” a campaign spokesperson told Fox News in a statement.

“The DNC and its super- PACs are fully compliant with all federal, state and local campaign finance regulations and we continue to vigorously defend our campaign finance practices and conduct.”

The DNC claims that it has taken the necessary steps to “correct the violations of federal campaign finance rules, and that we have engaged in vigorous compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.”

The group also says that it intends to “take all necessary steps in response to this legal action.”