Cincinnatians get a free trial of Cincinnatus free ads

Cincinnatians get a free trial of Cincinnatus free ads

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Who cares?

It’s free advertising.”

Well, this year, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Cincinnati Public Library will be giving out free ads for Cincinnatis’ next-door neighbor, Cincinnati.

The Cincinnati Public Libraries is launching a new ad campaign on the library’s website this weekend to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season.

It’s called “Christmas in Cincinnati.”

The Cincinnati Public library’s new ad slogan, “Cincinnati’s Next Door Neighbor,” celebrates the city’s connection to Cincinnati.

In a press release, the library described the slogan as “a way to welcome people to Cincinnati and celebrate the Christmas season.”

The library also included a photo of a woman with a red Christmas tree, a nod to the city.

“The Cincinnati community is so close, it’s amazing,” said Rebecca Lohse, the head of marketing for the Cincinnati public library.

“We think it’s so great that we’re celebrating Christmas in Cincinnati in this way, and to celebrate it with someone else who shares that passion.”

The library’s “Cincinnatus” campaign will run through November 24, and will be available for free online until November 31.