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5 reasons to be a good blogger

5 reasons to be a good blogger

I love using keywords to promote my content.

For example, I blog about my family.

I blog and post pictures of my kids.

I post about my favorite restaurants.

I write about my travels.

And, yes, I use a variety of other techniques, too.

So when I wrote this post about the 5 best ways to use keywords to drive traffic to your blog, I thought it would be interesting to see how some of these strategies worked for me.

Let’s start with the 5 most common and successful strategies.


Use keyword-rich keywords to get the most bang for your buck If you want to write about a topic that interest you, you might be tempted to use keyword-heavy keywords.

They offer more value, lower competition and make it more difficult for competitors to find your content.

I’ve found that keyword-free blog posts work best.

But, in fact, there are some ways to create keyword-worthy content that will get more traffic and get you more leads.

If you’re using a keyword-based strategy, you can also create keyword pages and write about the keywords that your audience will use to find what you’re writing about.

This means you can make sure your content is keyword-driven, and your readers can access your blog to read the content.

Here’s how.

In the keyword section of your blog’s navigation menu, choose the one that looks like this: Click on the link at the top right to create a new keyword.

You’ll be taken to a page where you can choose from a list of keywords.

For this example, we’ll use the term “family.”

If you don’t want to create your own keyword page, you’ll be able to create one on Google.

Create a keyword page that’s appropriate for your audience.

For me, it was an interesting topic, so I created a page with a title of “family-friendly recipes” and an image of a family member holding a recipe book.

That page would have the words “family recipes” on it, along with links to other family recipes on Pinterest.

For the rest of this article, I’m just going to focus on the pages with images of the family members holding recipes.

When you click on the keyword link at that page, Google will take you to the keyword page you created earlier.

Click on it to create the keyword for your page.

If your page has multiple keywords, you need to use one of them, even if it’s a keyword that’s only one or two words long.

For a list, see Google’s list of search terms that can be used to create keywords.

After you create a keyword, you don,t need to make a copy of the page to use it.

You can put it on your website or anywhere else you want.

I created the following template for my family-friendly recipe page: Click the link on the left to create another keyword.

I chose “family” for the keyword and put the image of my family member on the page.

Click the image at the bottom right of the template to see it in action.

Then, click the image to create an “image” of the recipe, like this one: Here, you see the link to the recipe in my template and click the link.

The recipe appears at the end of my page.

You don’t have to put a link to it on every page you create.

This helps your readers find what they want.

This technique has the benefit of making it easier to create pages that have different content than your previous pages.

For instance, you could put a recipe on your blog about baking and you could make a page about cooking for your family.

Or, you may choose to create several pages with different recipes, but not have a page for each one.

When your page loads, you should see the recipe at the start of the article and a link that leads to the page on Pinterest, which you can use to make the page available to people who are searching for the recipe.

That way, people can see the page and get more information about the recipe by clicking on the recipe link.

When the recipe page loads in the new page, the image from my page disappears and the recipe appears again.

This works well for all types of pages.

If, on the other hand, you have a large number of pages with similar content, you probably want to use a keyword to separate them.

If so, you’d use keywords for your own page.

In this example example, there were a few pages with lots of photos of the same family member.

For those pages, you would put the keyword “family pictures” on each page, along a link on Pinterest to

You would have a similar keyword for the page that contains the family pictures.

This way, you’re not creating a duplicate page for your keyword-oriented pages.


Use keywords to target your audience with content that’s relevant to your audience #2 is the


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