Readers respond: Wealth has reasons to leave

Readers reply: Wealth has causes to go away

The latest evaluation of Multnomah County revenue tax returns facilities on the COVID-19 pandemic as a motive for native inhabitants decline, (“Multnomah County misplaced file $1 billion in revenue between 2020 and 2021 as residents moved away,” July 30). Readers certainly know that Multnomah County’s “tax the wealthy” angle is another excuse why excessive earners go away. Though a lot of the migrated revenue has remained in Oregon for now, each the state and the county should acknowledge the potential for future excessive earner relocations.

I recall a letter The Oregonian/OregonLive printed earlier this 12 months stating the author’s name to harness wealth to make our neighborhood extra livable, (“Readers reply: After we tax the wealthy, all of us win,” Feb. 12). Actually, most gladly pay what is cheap, however the rich can determine livability for themselves – together with tolerance for taxes. They are going to transfer on if “Let’s tax the wealthy!” is the native cry. Multnomah County has introduced this lack of revenue on itself and is obligated to shoulder some blame.

Marilee Camblin, Portland

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